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Audio Director

Co-founder, Indian Sound Project

Suraj Samal

Film Sound Designer

Co-founder, Indian Sound Project

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Indian Sound Project (ISP) is not a new idea.

We know some of you would have thought of it too, probably planned a set of activities that it'd host etc., but for some reason the circumstances didn't favor a free time. If this sounds like you, join us in putting the idea into action. After all, "who thought it first" is not relevant.

Now for the rest of the world, ISP is an initiative that aims at making information easily accessible to everyone. This is a platform for all of us to lower the entry-level bar and make opportunities available to all. The Indian Audio Industry has been a puzzle to those who are new to it, and often, the lack of clarity is what makes people either opt out, or never make an attempt. Even the ones who do take this path often end up in a scenario that requires more selling, less creating to survive.

ISP is a small attempt to improve what exists, include new ideas and provide a platform that for once is accessible.

We promote healthy listening by providing authentic sounds, primarily based out of India, to our audience, and also offer professional services to filmmakers, content-creators & sound professionals in the form of Sound Effects & Sound Libraries.

Our Story:

I had conceptualized the idea in the year 2020 when the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic resulting in lockdowns across countries. When everything went silent, that's when we really listened to the sounds around us - which we otherwise ignored amidst the cacophony of vehicles & machinery.

I saw this as an opportunity & began to record sounds of places in their quietest form - and by 'quietest' we mean 'away from human intervention'. I then started compiling sounds that he has been recording since 2012 & began to create Sound Libraries out of it. ISP is an extension of my love for sounds around him.

- Suraj Samal

For me, this has been a project that took many shapes and forms since 2015 – from training sound designers and teams, to myself spending hours in the search of that one information that I needed to make the project stand out. I met many people who are passionate about music, sound design, games, storytelling etc and we spent hours talking about our favorite sounds, but this happened only after I met them at common projects. All those people, all that information was absent otherwise.

Over the years I realized the need to have a platform that makes it easier for everyone to just find what they were looking for. While Google indexes uncountable amount of data, ironically, the information (true-valid-useable-information) about the Indian Audio Industry is still less. This is also a major reason why the industry remains to be a bit unorganized, under-paid and over-worked, at least for the ones who are starting out. ISP is my attempt to remove the guess work and level the ground. 'Number of years of experience' is after all just a number.

- Prashant Mishra